Second hand containers for sale - The green solution

Second Hand Containers For Sale – The Green Solution

21st December 2017

In this day and age, it’s becoming more and more critical to think sustainably about everything we do. From climate change to plastic pollution islands in the sea, our historical, short-term thinking is having drastic effects on the way we and our children will be living in the years to come.

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Onsite Storage Container Rental

Onsite Storage Container Rental: Quick, Flexible & Affordable

17th November 2017

For many growing businesses, safe and secure storage for documents, inventory, materials and just about everything that you need close at hand is a real challenge as the initial space you move into just becomes too small too quickly!

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Refrigerated Containers for Cold Storage

Refrigerated Containers: The Perfect Solution for Commercial Cold Storage

30th October 2017

In the current uncertain economic climate that we find ourselves in, large-scale investment into commercial cold storage rooms is an unwanted risk. The ability to have an instant cold storage room with zero capital investment is a very inviting option.

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