Month: Apr 2018

Office Container Hire

Converted Units Are Popular for Office Container Hire

14th Apr 2018
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If you are considering office container hire as an option for office accommodation, leasing a converted container could be the best choice for you.

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Shipping Container Rental

How to Cut Costs on Container Rental Globally

10th Apr 2018
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Shipping container rental costs vary, depending on the size, type, and condition of the container you are planning to lease or rent. The bigger it is, and the better its condition, the higher the cost will be. Of course, if you opt for specialised container hire, like refrigerated or specialised units, or some kind of more specific storage rental, that will also cost more.

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Shipping Container Rental for Your Pop-Up Shops

4th Apr 2018
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Shipping containers are versatile “boxes” that that can be used as-is, with just a few fixtures and fittings inside, for innovative pop-up shops. Instead of tying yourself into a typically lengthy, and relatively costly lease for premises, shipping container rental is an effective alternative that gives you freedom too.

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