Month: Oct 2018

Mobile Offices

Mobile Offices on the Move

29th Oct 2018
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Whether you need a temporary office on a building site or a well-equipped office in a remote location, shipping containers provide an ideal solution. Made of strong, sturdy steel, they are available in several different sizes offering limited options for mobile offices.

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Ablution Containers

Ablution Containers: Ideal For Remote Locations

23rd Oct 2018
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Shipping containers are ideal for ablution units in remote locations, for construction sites, or even as bathroom facilities at camping and other outdoor venues, both permanent and temporary.

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Reefer Container Design

Container Design

12th Oct 2018
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Container design takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to conversion products. Today, storage containers are not only used to transport and store goods, they are also used in the construction industry to form a basic shell for houses and apartments, and for on-site facilities, as well as to provide sleeping and office accommodation, conference or training rooms, and clinics and medical facilities in remote areas.

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