Month: Jan 2019

Shipping Container Home Builders

5 Things Shipping Container Home Builders Need To Know

28th Jan 2019
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Shipping container home builders are an increasingly familiar sight in parts of South Africa where city regulations do not apply. Hence they make perfect farmsteads and superior accommodation in rural areas and informal settlements. Elsewhere, municipal authorities are still catching up with the new technology so special permission is required.

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Intermodal Container

What’s an Intermodal Container? Why That Name?

21st Jan 2019
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An intermodal container is a portable storage box compatible with travelling on various modes of transport. These include railways, ships, low-bed road transporters, and even cargo aircraft. They usually shift between different transportation modes via container depots. Hence, they also need to be compatible with lifting and moving gear in these facilities.

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Freezer Containers

Freezer Containers Give You the Benefits of Mobile Cold Rooms

15th Jan 2019
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Maintaining product at the optimum temperature is essential in the food and medicine industries. Operators know they need to avoid thawing or defrosting at all costs. Or else they have to dispose of their damaged product in accordance with national safety rules.

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20ft container

20ft Container: 6.096 Metres Long with a Second Life

10th Jan 2019
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The 20ft container is the smallest in the standard range. Thus it is popular for transporting goods to locations with less sophisticated handling equipment.

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