Month: Feb 2019

Steel Containers for Sale Open New Doors to Money-Making Ideas

26th Feb 2019
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We have a regular supply of steel containers for sale that attract interest from start-ups and hobbyists alike. While some containers may be advanced in years, they are still structurally sound and ready for painting and fitting out. We sell them as empty shipping containers. We also offer a full-blown service for adding fixtures inside. Welcome to our virtual shop. Allow us to show you what is possible with imagination.

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Comparing Shipping Container Sizes If Relocating Abroad

11th Feb 2019
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We get calls every week from people wanting to know the optimum shipping container sizes for their household goods. Sometimes they end up purchasing a used container from us in cargo worthy condition they can resell at their destination.

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Rental Office Containers

Rental Office Containers Provide Flexibility When We Need It Most

4th Feb 2019
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It can be a false economy to purchase a container office outright for a short contract away from base. That’s because it’s not always easy to provide the assurances the reseller market needs. Most purchasers prefer to source their rental office containers from reliable suppliers including Almar Container Group.

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