Covid 19 Impact Feature

Global Shipping Container Industry Update: 6 Months Into COVID-19

18th Sep 2020
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With the uncertainty that 2020 has brought as a result of COVID-19, we felt it was a good time to reflect and project on what is happening in the shipping container industry globally.

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Almar rebrand Featured Image

ALMAR’s refreshed and refined corporate identity and value set

12th May 2020
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Building a legacy – The History of the Container Industry and the History of Almar.

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Remote Reefer Monitoring Feature

Remote Monitoring and Managing of Reefer Containers

9th Apr 2020
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Do you worry about who is looking after your business’ assets during lockdown? Almar has installed remote monitoring modems in approximately 130 reefer containers do just that.

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Kenya Mobile Clinic for COVID19

Sub-Saharan Africa Need Mobile Clinics to cope with COVID-19

8th Apr 2020
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In Sub-Saharan Africa, mobile clinics are needed for the testing of COVID-19 and then possibly for isolating and treating patients. Almar Kenya is expecting a spike in the demand for container units converted into mobile clinics to cope with the pandemic.

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ISO Tank Containers

Ethanol Storage and Other Bulk Liquid Storage

20th Mar 2020
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The storage and transportation of ethanol and liquid waste has spiked over the past six months due to two main factors; the ban of liquid waste with a moisture value >40% going to landfill and the increased demand for ethanol storage. Ethanol is the main ingredient in the manufacturing of hand sanitiser.

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Reefer Containers

Reefer Containers: Everything You Need to Know

13th Feb 2020
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Reefer containers are big, mobile fridges that are used to transport and store products that need to be temperature controlled such as fruits, meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, diary, medication and beverages.

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10 Creative Uses for Containers For Rent in South Africa This Festive Season

21st Nov 2019
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If you are an aspiring entrepreneur waiting to grasp the opportunity to make additional income over December and January, read the suggestions we have come up with which simply require you to rent an Almar container over the next two months.

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Self Storage Shipping Containers for Sale

Build a Self-Storage Service with Affordable Shipping Containers for Sale

15th Jul 2019
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Self-storage facilities are catching on fast throughout South Africa. This follows a trend in North America and Europe where they have been a good business for decades. Shipping containers for sale are fast becoming popular storage modules on account of their inherent strength and inbuilt flexibility.

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Could Container Homes Become the South African Low Cost Housing Solution?

24th Jun 2019
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We believe re-deploying used shipping containers as container homes to destitute areas in South Africa, is well-worth considering.

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Containers for hire

The Ultimate Guide to Containers for Hire

2nd May 2019
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Find out when hiring a container makes more sense than buying one outright. Also discover popular use cases and common pitfalls of container rental.

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