Intermodal Container

What’s an Intermodal Container? Why That Name?

21st January 2019

An intermodal container is a portable storage box compatible with travelling on various modes of transport. These include railways, ships, low-bed road transporters, and even cargo aircraft. They usually shift between different transportation modes via container depots. Hence, they also need to be compatible with lifting and moving gear in these facilities.

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Freezer Containers

Freezer Containers Give You the Benefits of Mobile Cold Rooms

15th January 2019

Maintaining product at the optimum temperature is essential in the food and medicine industries. Operators know they need to avoid thawing or defrosting at all costs. Or else they have to dispose of their damaged product in accordance with national safety rules.

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20ft container

20ft Container: 6.096 Metres Long with a Second Life

10th January 2019

The 20ft container is the smallest in the standard range. Thus it is popular for transporting goods to locations with less sophisticated handling equipment.

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container agent

Container Agent Services – Things You May Not Know

14th December 2018

We should ask about the goods and services we purchase. Especially since there is so much information on the internet, although it may not all be true. If you had the time and patience, you could probably figure out the container business yourself. However, a container agent with a finger on the pulse could simplify things for you.

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High Cube Container

South African High Cube Container Ban Imminent

7th December 2018

The South African Department of Transport wants to ban the high cube container. They say it exceeds the permitted vehicle height when on a transporter.

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storage container conversions

Storage Containers Are Ideal for Conversions

8th November 2018

Today, storage containers, which are also commonly known as dry freight shipping containers, have a multitude of uses from retail outlets, workshops, and offices, to clinics, and even stylish upmarket homes.

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Mobile Offices

Mobile Offices on the Move

29th October 2018

Whether you need a temporary office on a building site or a well-equipped office in a remote location, shipping containers provide an ideal solution. Made of strong, sturdy steel, they are available in several different sizes offering limited options for mobile offices.

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Ablution Containers

Ablution Containers: Ideal For Remote Locations

23rd October 2018

Shipping containers are ideal for ablution units in remote locations, for construction sites, or even as bathroom facilities at camping and other outdoor venues, both permanent and temporary.

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Reefer Container Design

Container Design

12th October 2018

Container design takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to conversion products. Today, storage containers are not only used to transport and store goods, they are also used in the construction industry to form a basic shell for houses and apartments, and for on-site facilities, as well as to provide sleeping and office accommodation, conference or training rooms, and clinics and medical facilities in remote areas.

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container conversions prices

Are Shipping Container Conversions Prices Lower Than Regular Buildings?

10th September 2018

There is no doubt that the popularity of steel shipping containers for offices and accommodation is growing rapidly. But are container conversions prices really a lot less than the costs involved in traditional construction methods?

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