container conversions prices

Are Shipping Container Conversions Prices Lower Than Regular Buildings?

10th September 2018

There is no doubt that the popularity of steel shipping containers for offices and accommodation is growing rapidly. But are container conversions prices really a lot less than the costs involved in traditional construction methods?

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Mobile Containers for Sale

Mobile Containers for Sale in Southern Africa

30th August 2018

Steel shipping containers are used for mobile storage of freight and other bulky items including vehicles and furniture all over the world. They may also be used for static storage either temporarily or on a permanent basis instead of traditional warehousing. Of course, mobile containers may also be converted for other uses and shipped off to become container offices, clinics, workshops, and even homes or temporary accommodation.

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refrigerated containers for sale

Refrigerated Containers for Sale

22nd August 2018

Transporting furniture and dry freight in shipping containers is one thing, but what happens when you need to transport perishable or frozen goods? This is where reefer container come into play and you will need to look specifically for refrigerated containers for sale or hire to meet your needs.

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Avoid Container Fraud

Container Fraud: Ten Tips to Keep You Safe

16th August 2018

With a rising interest in converted shipping containers, there has been a drastic increase in container fraud and bogus operators, particularly in South Africa. Many people go online to see what the shipping container cost will be. They find a website that features what appear to be brand spanking new containers at exceptionally low prices and decide to buy.

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Container Offices

Container Offices – Great for Remote Locations

13th August 2018

Robust and modular, steel shipping containers are strong and secure and ideal for a range of uses from transportation and storage to workshops and clinics. Because they are easy to move, container offices are also great for remote locations whether they are planned as permanent or temporary structures.

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Container Accommodation Donation to Help Save The Rhinos

Container Accommodation to Help Save KZN Rhinos

2nd August 2018

Almar Container Group has donated a 40-foot (12 m) general purpose (GP) shipping container to the Zululand Rhino Orphanage to provide accommodation for rhino facilities and make life easier for staff members at the orphanage working hard to eradicate rhino poaching in South Africa.

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Creative Shipping Container Home Plans

24th July 2018

There is no doubt that shipping container buildings are trending worldwide right now. People are using them for offices, shops, and homes, sometimes retaining the look and industrial feel of the insulated shipping container, sometimes stripping so much away most people would have no idea that the basic structure of the house was, in fact, a series of mobile storage units. But how do you go about building a container home, and how do you go about generating shipping container home plans?.

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Converted Shipping Containers for Homes and Offices

14th July 2018

Steel containers for shipping are manufactured in a small number of standard sizes for certain specific purposes. While standard sizes for these ubiquitous mobile containers range from 10ft to 45ft, the most commonly used sizes are the 20ft container and the 40ft container.

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ISO Container Specifications

22nd June 2018

Known as intermodal containers, the standard steel boxes used for mobile storage across land and sea are made according to strict specifications established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) that develops and publishes international standards for just about everything.

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Assessing Shipping Container Rental Prices

18th June 2018

If you are considering leasing or renting a container the first thing you will want to know is how much it will cost you. Container rental prices do vary, not only from region to region and the length of time you rent for, but also in terms of size, age, condition, and customisation.

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